UCK Farm – 2021/2022

Liên hệ: 0966.005.189

Although Don Duong District has been famous for vegetables and fruit in Lam Dong, not many peopleknow that the valleys and ravines among mountains here are well suited for growing perennials. Since 1992, farmers here have started growing coffee. At first, the value is not very good. Until 2008, many people have been seriously focused on and improved this tree.

“Because the steep terrain areas are challenging for short-term trees to grow, my family decided to cultivate coffee trees. We recognise the value of this tree. I choose to produce good coffee beans to bring consumers high-quality products, increase coffee value, and find better outputs for his families and other farmers in his area.” – said Mr UCK I’m delighted because my coffee is one of the Vietnamese Robusta samples presented at the EXPO event.

This chance motivates me to believe in the way I have chosen. I’m glad that our attempts that eventually be recognised by people. I want to send a special thanks to Stone Village Lab for organising and workingso hard to help us has this chance.”