The Coffee Farmer – 2021/2022

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Robusta Coffee has first been sowed seeds in the fertile land of Gia Lai in the late 70s’ – early 80s. Havinggrown after Arabica, Liberica, however, Robusta coffee is suitable with the plateau soil and climate, which leads to the increase in the area’s size, and outstanding productivity, ranking first and second in theCentral Highlands region, annually contributing a significant output to Vietnam’s coffee exportation. Kutoong Village, Ia Kha, is selected to pilot planting the variety Robusta which helps create high productivity with different flavours by the WASI – the Institute researches varieties of agriculture.

“The Coffee Tree is my childhood, my memories about family, and now it becomes the career path I pursue. My ethic is giving consumers high-quality coffee and appreciating the value of farmers’ attempts.” -Kaldi Tài.

“Vietnam is known as the country with a large amount of coffee expor9ng worldwide. Besides the quan9ty, we desire to produce a kind of coffee with a unique iden9ty and superior flavors. And so, Fine Robusta Coffee is a great choice for roasters, thereby helping them become more crea9ve in their work profession, crea9ng more products to meet the needs of consumers worldwide.” – Kaldi Tài.

It is happy that CQI and Stone Village Lab have chosen The Coffee Farmer’s Anaerobic Natural coffee sample to represent Vietnamese Robusta Coffee at EXPO this year. This opportunity firmly confirms that the quality of Vietnamese coffee deserves to be listed on the global Robusta Coffee map.