Tamba Coffee – 2021/2022

Liên hệ: 0966.005.189

The farm is located on the land of Central Highlands, where the Jarai people live. After many years of working with those people, who are friendly, gentle, and a little bit shy, we recognize that we need to take responsibility for this community.

The farm has a large scale of 200 hectares; we use micro-organisms entirely to help the soil be healthy throughout the year. The farm has three self-digging lakes and irrigation canal systems which are advantages for processing, selecting ripe fruit, removing damaged and green fruit, drying, and preserving.

Because of grasping and learning the processing from other countries for a long time, Vietnamese coffee would have been delicious for health.

Tamba always keeps in mind that taking care and investing with passion for coffee trees to create a quality material area. We always want to introduce people worldwide to Vietnam’s Fine Robusta coffee.

Tamba is so delighted that we have the chance to work with and bring Vietnamese Coffee to the world. We also appreciate Stone Village LAB for supporting us present our coffee at EXPO BOSTON 2022.

Hopefully, This opportunity will help Vietnamese coffee spread more widely, and our quality will be improved in the future. Friends from all around the world have more chances to get to know Vietnamese people and coffee.

Good luck, and wish Vietnam Team will be successful!