Phuoc An Coffee Farm – 2021/2022

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In 1977, Phuoc An farm (the predecessor of Phuoc An coffee joint-stock company) took over CADA plantation – One of the first coffee plantations in Vietnam. With the fertile soil and climate for coffee trees to grow and bring out the aftertaste isic flavor that the French have researched and acknowledged.

In 1997, Phuoc An Coffee Company increased the coffee-producing area in Cu Ne commune, Krong Buk district, in response to the market’s expansion needs and the company’s growth. At 850 meters above sea level, this location is on the basalt red soil land. The environment is hot and humid, with plenty of rain and wind, and the temperature difference between day and night is particularly noticeable. These features crystallize the distinct flavor of the coffee here.

Phuoc An is proud to be one of Vietnam’s major coffee growers, producers, and processors. Total area: 827 hectares, with a green coffee producCon capability of 20,000 tons per year. We supply high-quality green beans ( washed processing method) to both domesCc and internaConal markets.

Specialty coffee is a new trend in Vietnam that helps raise value for farmers and enhance the raiseensive processing process in order to improve quality and reinforce our company’s brand, as well as Vietnamese coffee in general

Hopefully, at EXPO, every coffee enthusiast can experience our company’s specialty coffee, one of the bright spots of Vietnamese coffee.