Mr.Cuong’s Farm – 2021/2022

Liên hệ: 0966.005.189

Cuong’s family relocated from Hue to Dak Lak to pursue business opportunities. They started by laying the groundwork in Krong Nang’s woodland region and then planting and growing coffee trees. During the years of their establishment in Dak Lak, the coffee tree provided a reliable source of income for his family.

‘Fortunate to meet the right people, they introduced Cuong to this new farming model. I feel this method brings more value than making regular coffee. Because the farm where I work specializes in organic coffee, there are more benefits for the surrounding living environment. It has improved product quality for consumers.” – Cương Said I’m thrilled that CQI introduced our coffee sample at EXPO; it’s a great honor for a young person like me.

I wish Specialty Coffee EXPO 2022 a great success. I also desire Stone Village Lab & Education to be a substantial development in 2022 so that the Training and Accreditation of Vietnam’s coffee industry are more sustainable. Thank you very much, Stone Village Lab.