Future Coffee Farm – Mr Toi – 2021/2022

Liên hệ: 0966.005.189

Future Farm Coffee, a famous cooperative in Bao Loc, Lam Dong, has been working tirelessly to enhance the quality and value of their Robusta Coffee and promote the need for Vietnamese Coffee worldwide. Mr. Toi offtakes all coffee in his cooperative; he also provides good fertilizer and controls its quantity, which is suitable for the coffee beans.

To become members of Future Farm Coffee Cooperative, first and foremost, farmers must demonstrate that they can meet the strict prerequisites about the farm’s general conditions, cultivation methods, and product standards at harvest time. Although farmers want to join the cooperative, many get rejections because they can not meet these rigorous prerequisites.

In order to support partners and maintain the quality of the coffee product, FFC regularly organizes inspection and training sessions to improve farmers’ knowledge about the process and quality of the products. ” I recognize that farmers have been willing to put more effort into their work after having a chance to compare normal Robusta and Fine Robusta.”

Being part of a community with other farmers, experiencing change, and working together towards a common goal are the keys to which FFC has a comprehensive network where they can share many techniques and stories, help members avoid repeating the same mistakes, and boost innovation for the cooperative.