FRD Farm – 2021/2022

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Dak Nong is a province that was recently detached from Dak Lak province in 2004. Its agriculture is primarily coffee growing, with an area of over 130,000 hectares and a production of over 330,000 tons per year (ranked third in the Central Highlands). In the 90s of the 20th century, my family migrated from Dong Nai to Dak Nong to establish a business with Robusta coffee. At that time, coffee was a crop for high income, and the red basaltic land here was ideal for growing it.

Annually, FRD Farm produces about 50 tons of coffee, of which Fine Robusta accounts for 10-20%, the rest is Premium and High Quality.

Vietnam is the leading exporter of Robusta coffee; however, the quantity of good coffee is still insignificant. We hope that we can change this mindset. We will strive to develop excellent coffee in order to gain public recognition and allow consumers all over the world to experience Vietnamese coffee.

FRD is proud that what we try to improve the quality of Vietnamese coffee has been recognized by CQI. We will have to try harder because VN coffee can be better. Hopefully, people coming to EXPO will pay more attention to Vietnam Fine Robusta coffee.