48 – Café Daklao Support – 2021/2022

Liên hệ: 0966.005.189

Mrs. Duom’s Farm has an area of more than 1 hectare, located in the north of Tuy Duc district, surrounded mainly by high hills and an extensive river system. Her farm, which has a rich and diverse ecosystem, uses a purely organic cultivation method, intercrops hundreds of avocado, jackfruit, and pepper trees, and creates a healthy and favorable growing environment for coffee trees.

Because coffee is a crucial crop for locals and Ms. Duom’s families, they recognize that the climate and soil in this area are suitable for this tree to grow and develop. With the desire to improve the production process, to create more delicious cups of coffee,

and to have many people around the world know long-standing Vietnamese coffee, 48 Café Daklao has accompanied and guided associated farms in Dak Mil, Tuy Duc, Dak Song districts, especially the farm of Mrs. Duom. There is a lot of good coffee with unique flavors produced on her farm by ingenious farmers.

Mrs. Duom is honored and happy when her coffee can come to EXPO 2022. She hopes that her coffee will be known worldwide, and her farm will become a potential raw material area that attracts people.

“I appreciate the companionship and support of Stone Village Lab in evaluating our coffee, helping our product can be accessible to everyone.

I hope that the event in Boston will be successful!”